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Welcome to the homepage of Jonathan Jessop, B.A.(Hons.), P.G.C.E., L.T.C.L., F.I.S.M.
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Telephone: 01733 735552 and 07464089195

Before Beckham became an expert on free kicks, he learned how to correctly kick a ball.  Usain Bolt was a natural runner but then coached to greatness. As in all disciplines - and singing is no different - it is generally agreed that you need to learn the basics in order to reach your potential. Once these basics are learned, the world is your oyster.   In singing, the basics are the same whether you aspire to the Royal Opera House, Glastonbury or the X factor.  I am a skilled music teacher able to analyse and develop singing voices.   I have worked with singers from many different genres helping them to realise their potential and through learning correct techniques, also protect their voices against harmful practice. Hayley Sanderson, resident singer on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, studied with me for five years. She is arguably the most successful of my pupils.

Whether you wish to sing in a rock, soul, reggae, folk, or classical style the basics are the same and my teaching of the basic vocal exercises will set you in good stead for a future career or just plain enjoyment of wonderful art of singing. I can help you to discover your inner Shirley Bassey!  I have had an 80% succcess rate training children for cathedral choir auditions.

You may also be interested in learning to play the piano. I offer high quality tuition in classical and jazz styles.  

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17. Symmetry in Music Notation. Some observations which might help pianists who struggle to read the music above and below the staves. click here
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I am a professional private music teacher, approved by and registered as a Fellow of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, in London. I work to the ISM Code of Practice for Professional Private Music Teachers and use the I.S.M.'s Private Music Tuition Agreements. I have third party insurance.
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