Thankfully, we now have a vaccine and the end of lock-down is in sight. But we must learn to live with corona virus and find exercises which will promote vocal recouperation. Do we have any tools that we can use? Thankfully, the answer is yes. I believe that semi-occluded vocal tract exercises can work wonders. I have been using them all my life, but have found that intensive use of them have given my voice a new lease of life: I am singing better now than ever before.

The Association of Teachers of Singing, recently ran a seminar on the subject. I am glad that they did. Forty years ago after and disasterous experience with an inept singing teacher, who had not got a clue what he was doing, my voice was reduced to ashes. Fortunately I returned to a singing teacher who did know what she was doing. She taught me semi-occluded vocal exersises, and the Italian appoggio method which relaxed and restored my voice. I have practised and taught these exercises ever since.

I remember that whilst at university, I was the only singer who practised semi-occluded vocal tract exercises, which makes me think that very few singing teachers have been taught them. This is a situation which, thankfully, is changing. I intend to prepare an article about semi-occluded vocal tract exercises which I shall publish on this web-site. I believe that they will play a significant role in helping people recover from long-covid. (I should add that this is a hunch based on forty years of experience; I am not medically qualified.)

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