Advanced Singing Lessons


  1. Appoggio breathing technique - how to manage and optimise breath flow throughout the range.
  2. Laryngeal set up in primo and secondo passaggio
  3. Basic and advanced vocal qualities - as defined by Jo Estill
  4. Vowel modification - the technique of aggiustamento
  5. Production of balanced resonance ( impostazione) exercises, extending and stabilising the vocal range safely
  6. Dynamic control and messa di voce (which is the ability to control amplitude and create real colour in your singing)
  7. Sight reading and if required aural tests
  8. Stylistic interpretation of Early, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern music
  9. Working on varied repertoire and in foreign languages
  10. Health and singing: diet, exercise and vocal longetivity
  11. Preparing for advanced examinations, diplomas and important auditions

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