1. The Ng Hum.

The first sung exercise which is useful for establishing the "sob" vocal set up, an effective breath support and an evenly balanced tone. Repeat the exercise transposing the key up a semitone each time.

2. Introducing "Twang" to reinforce tone.

The second exercise introduces some "twang" to reinforce the tone and assist in projection. Transpose the exercise up a tone two or three times.

3. The "Hung-gee" Vocalise.

This is a remarkable exercise, first identified one hundred years ago. It basically opens the buccal cavity and balances nasal and pharyngeal resonance. The strength of the soft palate which helps to create a good tone is improved by the exercise and poor intonation is improved. Repeat the exercise transposing the key up a minor third each time.

4. Basic Range Extension.

Starting in the middle of the voice, sing the following three phrases. Make sure that you breathe in well and produce a comfortable and even tone. You have established a range of 5 notes. Now repeat the three exercises, starting a minor third higher. Gradually you will extend your range upwards. Notice that the tone changes in timbre as you sing higher notes. Basically the higher the pitch of the note the lighter it is in weight. This reflects the way in which the the muscles of the larynx work to comfortably produce higher notes

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