Music Lesson Charges
30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Singing Lessons £16.50 (with effect Jan 22) £23.00 (with effect Jan 22) £32.00 (with effect Jan 22)
Piano Lessons £16.50 (with effect Jan 22) £23.00 (with effect Jan 22) £32.00 (with effect Jan 22)
Music Theory (upto Grade 5) £16.50 (with effect Jan 22) £23.00 (with effect Jan 22) £32.00 (with effect Jan 22)
Music Theory (Grade 6 and above) n.a. £23.00 (with effect Jan 22) £32.00 (with effect Jan 22)

I am a professional private music teacher registered with the Incorporated Society of Musicians, in London. I work to the Code of Practice for Professional Private Music Teachers and use the I.S.M.'s Private Music Tuition Agreements. I have third party insurance and have passed a DfES List 99 and Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure check.

Private music lessons take place at 85 Cranemore,Werrington, Peterborough. Lessons can be booked Mondays to Fridays 9am to 9pm, and Saturdays 9am to 4pm. The music studio is purpose built and fully sound-proofed.

Lessons can be recorded using a Sony mini disc recorder and ECM-95A microphone. Please bear in mind that evening times are most popular. If you want to consider group tuition see the page 'Group Lessons' for further details.

Singing Lessons

I am a specialist vocal teacher with a detailed knowledge of vocal pedagogy and technique. I teach all voices and all ages, from the beginner up to the post-diploma level. Having completed the basic and advanced vocal figures programmes of Vocal Process Ltd., I am familiar with the Jo Estill Vocal Figures and am thus equipped to teach all vocal styles: classical, popular and theatrical. In the first six lessons I will teach you:


1. What ages do you teach?
I teach piano lessons to pupils aged 6 and upwards. I use the John Schaum Piano Course, which is thorough and methodical in its approach. The John Schaum Piano Course does encourage the pupil to learn to read music as they progress. I think that the arrangements which are drawn from well-known piano pieces and songs are better crafted than those found in other schemes. I aim to make lessons fun but meaningful. I strive to be friendly but thorough; to ensure that the pupil will learn a wonderful skill for life.

2. What do I need to get started?
You need a piano or keyboard which is touch sensitive and has enough keys to enable you to practice on. You do not need an expensive instrument to start with. My first piano cost five pounds and arrived on the back of an old land rover. Once I had reached Grade 4, I was given a much better quality piano, because I knew that I would continue to learn up to Grade 8 and beyond. You also need a copy of the piano tutor to practise from.

3. How long is the piano lesson and how often should I practise?
Beginners (up to Grade 4) require one 30 minute lesson per week. More advanced students will require longer. You should aim to practice at least 4 times a week. Be realistic. No-one practices 7 days a week. The key to making progress is to set yourself targets which you achieve. Sustain a realistic practice routine and the progress will follow.

4 What will you teach me?
Initially, using the John Schaum Piano Course, I will teach you to read and play treble and bass clef notation. I will ensure that you are able to read all music notation and thus become able to read music comfortably and confidently.  I will also introduce scales and simple broken chord exercises. When you are ready to attempt the ABRSM or Guildhall Piano Grade exams, then I will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared. I have successfully coached students up to Grade 8 Piano.  All piano students learn harmonic and melodic scales, from the start.  This saves them a great deal of trouble when they reach Grade 6, when knowledge of both forms is essential.  If you require tuition in music theory I am able to offer this. I have prepared students for Grade 5 Theory exams.

If you struggle to read music above and below the treble and bass clef, then you might care to read the article 'Symmetry in Music Notation'. Click here.

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